Seeking Yesterday


I was contacted by a young 4-piece band from Plymouth called Seeking Yesterday to design CD artwork for them. They mainly produced Punk, Hardcore and Ska music.

The design I made was for an Extended Play album entitled “Insert Title Here”, and I mainly used illustration from myself and from one of the band members (from pencil to digital) to feature on the track listing.



The album cover on the front side with a textured SY logo and the album title in scratch font.



The reverse side with the title and track listing. This also features random hand-drawn and digitally coloured illustrations of a pizza box, a coke can and a banana skin. I had a lot of fun drawing these. The monster with the brain in his/her hand was drawn by Charlotte from the band, I converted it to a digital image especially for the CD artwork.





Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos of how I drew the pizza box and coke can images, and redrew them digitally for the CD album artwork.