Book Cover Design

I was approached by freelance sports content creator Michael Day to design a cover for his debut book A Mountain to Climb: Football’s Greatest Comebacks - The UEFA European Cup / Champions League Edition. 

The book was made to be uploaded via Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, and to be made for download onto their Kindle app or paperback copies.


The front cover features a close-up photograph of two footballers competing for the ball (I specifically used a stock photo featuring the Champions League football with the star pattern to suit the nature of the book), amongst a dark blue background as requested by Michael Day due to the colour being heavily associated with the UEFA Champions League branding.

The other element I wanted to bring in was a series of opaque triangles representing mountains (from the book's title), along with a simple digital image of the Champions League trophy placed centrally about the sub-headline.

The back cover features these same "mountains",  but this time with the trophy sitting on top. This symbolises the adversity the teams mentioned in the book had to overcome in order to become the European Champions.


If you would like to have a read of this book for yourself, then you can purchase it right now on Amazon (available via Kindle download or paperback).


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