Logo Development and Flyer Design

I was approached by Alex from SaniClean to design a logo and an A5 single-sided flyer to help advertise his new business.

Saniclean will be a Plymouth-based disinfection company that uses fogging in order to help combat viruses such as Covid-19 in domestic and commercial areas.

The idea was to create a combination mark logo involving a water droplet surrounded by circles of all different sizes, the latter creating a simple representation of bacteria cells. Telling the story of water from the fogging machine about to get in contact with the virus.


A slightly different version of the logo to accommodate darker backgrounds.

Some of the circles on the side and top are off-white instead of blue.


Landscape versions of the logo on white and black backgrounds


Business Cards


The SaniClean Polo Shirt with embroidered logo


The logo featured on various stationary items such as mugs, coffee cups, letters and business cards.


Claret background'Premium' version of the logo in gold and black

Black on White; and White on Black monochromatic versions


The same monochromatic version placed on a turquoise background.



The logo used in an A5 single-sided flyer I made advertising SaniClean's services.

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