Music CD Cover and Digital Illustration

Seeking Yesterday were a 4-piece music band from Plymouth who wanted artwork for their album Insert Title Here. They mainly produced Punk, Hardcore and Ska music.

Illustrations from myself and members of the band were incorporated into the CD artwork, along with a textured SY logo, and scratch font for the track listing to match the style of the band.

The band requested various items to be included on the back of the album such as a coke can, a banana skin and a pizza box, along with an original character sketch done by band-member Charlotte.

Each item was hand drawn at first, then scanned in to be digitally outlined and coloured so that they can be easily assorted into the album art, capturing the vibrant and rebellious personalities of the music and the band themselves.


Sketches of coke cans used for the Seeking Yesterday rock album art

Step-by-step illustration of the coke can (above), and sketches of  banana skin, pizza box, and Charlotte's illustration (below); all digitally drawn and coloured for the back of the album

Sketch of a pizza box with a pizza slice inside
Sketch of a banana skin
Sketch of a monster drawn by Charlotte from Plymouth Rock Band Seeking Yesterday
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