Logo Development and Business Card Design

This was a logo design for Plymouth-based virtual assistant Kylie Ward and her new company Tick-TockVA.

Kylie requested to have a logo made of a pocket watch with an outline that looks like it’s been painted but unfinished; like the person has run out of time.

This unfinished style is known as an Ensō, which comes from Zen Buddhism meaning ‘circle’. The incomplete circle allows for movement and development as well as perfection of all things. Symbolising strength, elegance, and one-mindedness.

Main Logo (Gold on White - Portrait and Landscape Versions)


Main Logo (Copper on Black)


Landscape Logo (Copper on Black)


Black on White; and White on Black monochromatic versions



Stacked Logo in a Regal Blue & Metallic Gold combination



Business Card



I started doing some free-hand stroke painting and came up with an Ensō that would work as an outline, and some brushstrokes to represent the chain and top crown parts of a pocket watch. These were digitally transferred and placed on top of a vector-drawn clock to form a Zen-style watch symbol.





Tick-TockVA do the things you don’t have time for. If you are running a business or have a busy life, let Tick-Tock tackle those mundane tasks.

Check out the Tick-TockVA Facebook page for more details.



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