Logo Development

With Love from A to Z is a personal online blog created by Plymouth-based photographer Zephy Hood.

Zephy is a wedding and portrait photographer who requested a simple wordmark logo for her personal blog, this would be used to document her travels and adventures with her two daughters.

She asked me to design a logo that looked earthy and authentic to reflect her photography, so I decided first of all on a child-like brush typeface for the main 'A to Z' part combined with an arched rustic font for the 'With Love from' part.

After that, I decided to place an arrow on the bottom to really set if off, giving the whole logo a playful and down-to-earth feel.

Main Logo (Gold on White)



Main Logo (White on Black)



Main Logo (Black on White)



Logo featured on a photograph taken by Zephy Hood 


The arrow on the bottom is a great way to emphasise the A to Z narrative of the logo, and the nature of Zephy's photography.

Here are some hand-drawn ideas (see below) I came up with, and idea number 7 was chosen as the symbol for such a positive logo.

I really liked the outlined arrowhead and how it resembled an A shape more than the other ones.


You can check out this particular logo in use, and follow Zephy's family adventures by either visiting with-love-from-atoz.com or her Instagram page.



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